The purpose of these books is to help people recognize unhealthy situations in their lives. Through humorous, yet real scenarios, the reader will also find out that being stuck on stupid is more common than you think. Life is going to be full of sticky situations. The idea is to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually with each one and move on. In fact, the lessons we learn from being stuck on stupid are the ones that ultimately push us into being better, smarter, people.

Characters in the SOS series will ring a bell.

Charcters in the SOS book series are placed in different chapters related to an adhesive substance all readers will recognize. Using the secategories: Velcro, Masking Tape, Paste, Rubber Cement and Super Glue to describe the stickiness of the situation, the reader can assess just how hard it will be to break free.

Stupid is a very powerful word.

 It brings about a number of other negative adjectives like ignorant, dumb, simple or dense. In the context of this book stupid is not meant to belittle or demean. The phrase “stuck on stupid” was chosen as the title of these books to represent people who are in situations that they know are unhealthy and impacting them in a negative way, but for some reason do not feel they have the power or the means to escape these situations. In essence, they are “stuck” in a in a scenario that is less than optimal. Sometimes in denial, the individual is aware that they should make a change, but they are, bluntly put, stuck on stupid. Like a scratched CD that skips without end or an annoying case of the hiccups, they can not seem to move on from or get rid of the source of their discontent, which in many cases is a bad relationship, an unfulfilling job or some other energy draining part of their lives.

These books will cause a stir of conversation amongst friends, family and coworkers. Life is meant to be enjoyed and when you are stuck to something or someone that holds you back you are putting a pause in your ability to have joy. When people can recognize their roadblocks it is that much easier to get unstuck.The SOS series eliminates the dangers of denial by calling it like it is. 

 Don't be afraid of being Stuck on Stupid! Be afraid of staying stuck!